Payment Fees & Contract

updated November 10, 2014

2015 Cajunland Payment Contract – Coming Soon!
{with fees and dates due}

Credit Card payment form

If charging both the $70 tryout fee and dues payment, please fill out 2 separate credit card payment forms.

If writing checks for both the $70 tryout fee and dues payment, please write 2 separate checks.

Note – Dues includes uniforms:

National and Regional Team:
2 jerseys, 2 shorts, knee pads, 2 practice T-shirts, shoes, warm-up jacket, warm-up shorts, team bag, volleyball

Metro Team:
1 jersey, 1 shorts, knee pads, 2 practice T-shirts, volleyball

Reminder – Mail before tryouts / ranking sessions by deadline date:
1. Tryout/Ranking Registration Form & Waiver Release Form {2 pages}
2. $70 tryout/ranking fee – check or credit card payment form
3. Payment fee “Contract” {3 pages}
4. Check or credit card payment form for dues paid in full or 1st payment of payment plan

If player does not make the cut at tryouts, the payment fee contract & dues check {or credit card payment form} will be returned to player immediately at the end of tryouts.

Players {10’s – 18’s} will not be allowed to tryout {10’s ranked} without payment fee contract signed by parent and dues check. This procedure was implemented to insure that only players serious about playing for Cajunland attend tryouts.

All 10’s & under coming to tryout/ranking sessions will be kept – no 10’s will be cut. They will be evaluated at tryout/ranking session and placed accordingly.

Important Note: If player is selected at tryouts and changes her mind and decides to quit at a later date, dues is forfeited.